Job Description Hacks to Help You Fill Positions More Quickly

Job Description Hacks to Help You Fill Positions More Quickly

Job descriptions are your sales pitch to candidates. Make sure your JDs are detailed enough to get applicants’ attention and interesting enough to keep it.

Clearly state the responsibilities of the job.

Be specific regarding the requirements of the position. If you’re not crystal clear about what you want, you’ll wind up wasting time reviewing the resumes of unqualified candidates.

  • Paint a picture of the day-to-day responsibilities of the job. Include a breakdown of tasks by percentage.
  • Give candidates an idea of how the role functions within the organization as a whole.
  • Address who the person in the job will be in regular contact with; for instance, supervisors, direct reports, colleagues from other departments, customers and vendors.
  • Provide desired years of experience. Be cautious here. Especially in technical areas or with mid-career changers, some individuals may have a solid foundation of training but not a lot of experience in the field. Don’t automatically rule them out.

Include keywords in job titles.

Your job description should include keywords relevant to the position and if possible, its industry and location.

  • Avoid tired clichés. Serious candidates aren’t searching for buzzwords like “data guru” or “social media maven.” Hone in on keywords that will appeal to your target audience.

Explain your company values.

This is critical, so you attract applicants who align with your culture and relate to your mission and vision. For example, if your business prides itself on being environmentally friendly, mention this.

  • Remember, job skills can be fine-tuned once a person is hired, but cultural fit can neither be bought nor taught. It has to be there from the start.

List a salary range.

Make sure you’re only interviewing candidates who will be happy earning what you can afford to pay them. Never limit yourself in terms of negotiation, but instead, offer a salary range.

  • Be as open as possible, in order to attract a wider range of desired candidates. Make your statement read something like, “$40,000 to $50,000, based on experience.”

Focus on the future.

Candidates want to know what the future holds for your company and which opportunities lay ahead for them. Will you be focused on expanding your product line or opening new sites? If so, include this information.

Let them know what’s in it for them.

Last but not least, applicants need to know how accepting a job will benefit their lives, as well as their career-growth plans. Of course, knowing how they can serve your company is what will lead them to your opening in the first place. But, what will make them take the next step and actually apply?

  • Emphasize what you can do for them. Describe your unique benefits and perks, whether they include industry-leading stock options, PTO, flexible hours or telecommuting. These can be key differentiators when it comes time for top talent to make a decision about their next move.

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Published on Aug 29, 2018