Is Office "Hoteling" Right for your Business?

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Since the pandemic changed the way we work, companies have been considering how to make remote and hybrid working arrangements more effective and efficient. Some are turning to the idea of Hotelling. What is office hoteling, and could it be suitable for your business? Let's look at some of the pros and a few cons of this arrangement. 

Shift Overhead Costs

By hoteling your office space, you don't have to have a dedicated desk for every employee who works from home. That means when people come into the office, they can take a more open approach, and desks or offices are available first come/first served. By reducing the size and capacity of your workplace, you're cutting down on the overhead costs of keeping up with a physical office space. 

Improve In-Office Networking

This method also increases opportunities for in-office networking. Rather than creating insular cliques or departments, you encourage your team to work wherever there is an open desk while they're in the office. That means they'll begin to network and forge professional relationships with the people around them, not just those they work with regularly. 

Plan for Busy Days

One of the potential cons around hoteling is the increased demand on busy days. If you have flexible space, such as a conference room, that may need to be allocated to employees who come into the office. Busy days can be all-hands-on-deck when you need the staff on the premise or celebration days, such as during the holiday season. Have someone in the office in charge of ensuring everyone has a place to work, even in a hoteling situation. 

Make Office Reintegration Easier

Hoteling makes office reintegration easier for companies who have chosen the hybrid work approach. Rather than a vast, mostly empty office on days when parts of your team come in, it provides a new kind of social structure that will help people feel more comfortable on their days in the office. 

Consider Competition for Resources

However, you will want to ensure that the competition for resources within the office isn't overly taxed when hoteling. Think of this as a single-business coworking space rather than dedicated offices. With that, however, comes the need for in-house resources such as access to management. Ensure that your team doesn't feel like they have to meet specific criteria in the office to access what should be available to everyone. 

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Published on Dec 12, 2022