Is it Time to Reexamine Your Drug Testing Policies?

Is it Time to Reexamine Your Drug Testing Policies?

Marijuana Legalization is Expanding: Is it Time to Reexamine Your Drug Testing Policies?

With the rise of the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in the country, employers can now reexamine their policies. Significant changes mean there are different ways to approach this concern in the workplace, and it's time to update your processes to match. Your company should consider a few things when updating policies to match the current local laws.

Are You An Employer in a Legalized State?

The first step is to determine the current laws in your state. And there can be a difference between medical and recreational marijuana as well. It may be time to readjust policies to ensure that the legal use of marijuana while employees are off the clock, won't affect their time on the job. You can, of course, still have policies regarding marijuana use during company time.

Do You Have Employees in Other States Where Marijuana is Legal?

If you have locations in multiple U.S. states, you must also review laws in those locations. If you have employees in those states, you will have to adjust your policies to reflect the local laws. You need to stay compliant with state and federal laws within the states where people are conducting work or traveling.

Is Drug Testing Required for This Job?

Drug testing policies should be reevaluated as well. Ensuring that you have equitable drug testing policies for the jobs that require it is critical to ensure you comply with local and federal laws. Make a formal policy about drug testing and share it with your organization so everyone knows the process.

Should You Continue Testing for Other Drugs?

The legalization of marijuana hasn't opened the door to anything goes. It is still classified as a Schedule 1 substance and federally illegal. Other drugs aren't being legalized. It is still fair to test for other substances. Just as you don't want people to drink on the job, you also don't want them to use marijuana. Drug testing is still an important part of the screening process when safety is in question.

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Published on: May 15, 2023