Introducing our Five-Year Placement Guarantee

Introducing our Five-Year Placement Guarantee

Reputation is essential to create confidence in the marketplace. A company that stands behind its work is committed to providing the best possible services for clients. At Frontline Source Group, we aim to create long-lasting partnerships. We're so confident that we even offer our five-year placement guarantee. Let's take a closer look.

Our Why

Our success is your success. We want to establish a strong partnership that is an extension of your internal hiring team. We go beyond just contract staffing and direct hire; we are a strategic partner dedicated to freeing up your time supplying top-level talent. We stand behind our screening and placement process, and so we want to provide a guarantee for you to feel confident in us.

Strategic Partner

What is a staffing strategic partner? You need to focus your time and energy on running your company. Our job is to provide access to top talent at all levels so you can do what you do best instead of spending all your time in the hiring process. We utilize a thorough screening process to deliver only the most qualified candidates suited to your specific positions.

Standard 90 Day Placement Guarantees

Most placement agencies will provide 90-day guarantees. This is also the typical time frame of a temp-to-hire contract. A company will have a chance to see their new employee work over three months. If the placement isn't a good fit, a typical staffing agency will replace the employee at no additional cost. But is three months truly enough time? We don't believe it is. That's why we offer a five-year guarantee on direct placements.

Temporary and Direct Placements

For short-term employees, we offer a four-hour guarantee. If you're not satisfied with their performance in the first four hours, we will replace the employee, and you won't be billed for that time. For direct placements, we provide a five-year guarantee. If concerns arise in the first five years of employment, we'll credit a pro-rated amount of the fee based on days worked toward a replacement or future placement.

Our Confidence

We also offer a promotion protection plan. 98% of our placements receive a promotion within the first year of service. When you promote our people and circumstances don't work out, we'll replace that new position with another great candidate for 50% of the placement percentage that your company initially paid. We are confident in the quality of our employees, so we want to work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

If you're ready to hire, hire with the help of the Frontline Source Group team.

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Published on Apr 13, 2022