Inexpensive Ways to Effectively Recruit Passive Job Seekers

Inexpensive Ways to Effectively Recruit Passive Job Seekers

The best job candidates are often already working. In fact, up to 85 percent of all employed professionals fall into the category of passive candidates: those who are not actively seeking a new position, but could be convinced to make a change if the circumstances were right. And if you hire passive job seekers, they’re 120 percent more likely to make a strong, positive impact on your company.

But the challenge remains: How do you attract the best talent without blowing your hiring budget? The key is to think outside the box. Then, you can have it both ways: land the most desired passive job seekers and stay within your budget parameters.

Capitalize on the Power of Social Media

Studies show that employers who use social media to recruit see a 50 percent improvement in candidate quality.

  • LinkedIn remains the top professional networking site. You can create a premium account to further expand your search as you strategize how to recruit passive job seekers. Another LinkedIn tip: Cut through the noise by working with a contact data provider to secure candidate information. Then, you can reach out to passive job seekers using a direct phone number or email address.
  • In addition to the “Big Three” – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – experiment with other social platforms, such as Reddit and Quora. An increasing number of companies are incorporating Instagram and Snapchat stories to reel in passive job seekers.

Employee Referrals: An Investment That Really Pays Off

If you don’t already have an employee referral program, start one. Move this task to the top of your recruitment to-do list. You’ll be much more likely to find job seekers who will be the right fit for your company culture, which is necessary to ensure a successful hire.

  • There will be costs involved, but they’ll be much lower than what you would spend recruiting from scratch. Any dollars spent on referral bonuses and collateral items are far outweighed by the immediate productivity of a good hire. An added benefit is the increased morale and motivation that typically come with a strong employee referral. Not only is your new hire satisfied, but the person who referred them also wins.

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Published on Feb 5, 2019