Inclusive Leadership Practices: Creating a Workplace for Everyone

Inclusive Leadership Practices: Creating a Workplace for Everyone

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are prominent topics in hiring right now, and for good reasons. To be an effective leader, you need to create a workplace suited for everyone. It's not just about hiring for diversity in support positions but inviting more people into decision-making roles. Here are some of the diversity and inclusion best practices to consider for your company. 

Attend Training

DEI training isn't just about checking off the box that you've complied. Training of this nature does help employees at all levels better understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. It's essential to learn from people with lived experience to have more empathy and see what your role in improving workplace equity is as a leader of your organization. 

Create a Mentorship Program

Developing a mentorship program to pair individuals from different backgrounds together can help give everyone a chance to walk in another person's shoes. Mentorships give incoming and seasoned employees more opportunities to interact and provide valuable wisdom about the workplace and culture. 

Encourage Good Communication

Some issues around creating good DEI programs come down to communication. Ensure that every member of your team, from entry-level to c-suite, feels like they have a voice in the company. Encourage communication between employees at all levels.  

Emphasize Cultural Understanding

With more inclusive hiring practices, it's vital that you offer avenues for more cultural understanding. Leadership needs to have high cultural intelligence to promote a better cultural understanding across the board.

Broaden Community Connections

To have a better DEI culture in your workplace, you'll also need to be in a position to find and meet people with diverse backgrounds. Broadening your community connections will give you more opportunities to meet people with different cultural backgrounds. It will also help build your community involvement and consumer confidence. 

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Published on: Mar 23, 2022