How You Can Get Rid of IT Stereotypes in Your Office

How You Can Get Rid of IT Stereotypes in Your Office

Perception is reality. And when stereotyping occurs, in the workplace or elsewhere, this can pose problems. Have you ever heard members of your IT team referred to as insular, dismissive, “a breed apart” or “too far removed from the real world of business? 

Now, you know that nothing could be further from the truth. You hired them – and you know they’re good for much more than just tech-speak and a fascination with algorithms and statistical models. In fact, that fascination, aka passion, is one of their strengths. But in order for IT pros to grow and succeed, you may need to help them dispel some of the stereotypical labels that are almost automatically assigned to them. 

Help IT Pros Boost Their Own Image 

Stereotypes abound in business, and especially in the IT sector. Perceptions of specialists in any STEM area can be limiting. These qualified professionals are often the antithesis of control freaks or part of the “group that always says no” – just to name a few more unjustified labels. 

  • Help your IT pros hone their soft skills. Improving communication, listening, conflict resolution and overall teamwork strengths can go a long way towards improving other people’s view of IT specialists. Just as in any other field, computer scientists need to consider their audience when answering a question or making a presentation. Unless they’re addressing another group of tech pros, they need to avoid using too much industry jargon or slang. 
  • Encourage them to walk the talk. Be sure your IT employees take that training beyond the classroom and truly engage with their co-workers. They are probably already involved with multidisciplinary teams and task forces. When you feel they’re ready, put them in a leadership role, where they have to speak, relate to and represent various functions. Some will be better at it than others – but guess what? This is also true in any other discipline. Your HR, marketing and PR people may have the natural gift of gab, but then, they have stereotypes of their own, right? 

The Truth About Techies 

Contrary to those traditional stereotypical images, today’s average IT professional loves what they do – and that includes working collaboratively with others to help them better understand current technology and solve related problems. They’re committed to the success of both their teams and their companies and are always eager to take on new challenges. You just have to help them convey these positive traits to others throughout your organization. 


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Published on: Jul 10, 2019