How to Support an Employee Dealing with SAD this Winter

How to Support an Employee Dealing with SAD this Winter

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a common condition many people feel this time of year. When the days are short, and it gets dark before the workday is even over, the winter blues can be more than just a minor inconvenience. It can be even worse for those working remotely. Here are some of the best tips to cope with SAD while working. 

Consider Vitamin D Supplements

The sun provides much of our body's necessary nutrients, especially vitamin D. With less sunlight and shorter days, we're not engaging in activities that expose us to sunshine so that these nutrients can dip. While you can't force your employees to take supplements, you can encourage the use of vitamin D as a way to regulate during the winter. 

Provide Light Therapy

Another thing that works for many people who suffer from SAD is light therapy. Using sun-replacement lights during the morning and evening hours to help regulate their mood can help. There are commercially available desk lights that can help at all price points. You can even provide these lights in your office. 

Suggest Traveling if Possible

In the age of remote work, allowing your employees to work from anywhere is possible. If you don't have critical location requirements for your business, encourage your team to travel to warmer places during the season. If they have the means, such as staying with a family member for a month in the winter, this can help significantly improve performance and mood. 

Encourage A Good Exercise Routine

Physical fitness can also help during the winter months. Exercise raises endorphins that can help regulate mood. Provide ways for your team to participate in physical fitness challenges. These can be fun activities to keep people engaged and active throughout the wintertime. 

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Published on Jan 9, 2023