How to Manage Holiday Schedules on Your Staff

How to Manage Holiday Schedules on Your Staff

How can you keep productivity and employee spirits high during the holiday season?

The holidays are great, but they can also be a stressful time – for businesses trying to meet year-end goals, and for employees trying to deal with what is a high-pressure time of the year, despite all the glitter and good wishes.

Here are some tips for managing demands for employee time off during the holidays, without coming across as a real Scrooge:

Schedule smartly.

Set the same deadline for all your employees to submit their holiday season time off requests – versus trying to handle December scheduling on a first-come-first-serve basis. This will not only be fairer to everyone, it also will save you time as you create your schedule all at once, as opposed to piece by piece.

  • Communicate any blackout dates up front. If there are certain days when customer demands prevent you from allowing any time off, communicate this information early on, before asking employees for their preferred time off. This will help avoid unpleasant confrontations later on.

Provide incentives.

More so than ever, employees need work/life balance during the holiday season. Keep people happy – and build your reputation as an employer – by answering this need, and also by providing added incentives for those who have to work when they’d rather be shopping, gift wrapping, caroling, skiing or otherwise celebrating the season.

  • Let people work from home whenever possible. Your team members will sincerely appreciate it. They may even spread the word to their friends and connection, both face to face at their holiday parties and via their social media feeds.
  • Incentivize employees to work less desirable shifts. For instance, it’s the second shift on New Year’s Eve, but you still need call center coverage. Offer to pay more to people to staff this shift – or, if it’s more desirable, offer an attractive bonus or more PTO in the new year.
  • Consider floating holidays. This way, people can honor their own religious and cultural traditions with paid time off. While most companies still offer paid holidays for Christmas and New Year’s Day, be broad-minded and don’t overlook Ramadan, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other observances. Floating holidays enable you to keep your business running smoothly and at the same time, maintain diversity and mutual respect. By the way, keep company holiday celebrations, decorations, music and other traditions multicultural as well.

Use temporary employees to lighten the load.

Temporary seasonal staffing can be a holiday gift to your company and yourself – relieving business demands at this busy time of the year. Work with a qualified staffing firm that knows your industry and your market for the best possible results.

  • When interviewing temps, make your expectations crystal clear. If they can’t be available exactly when you need them, move on to the next candidate. Don’t defeat the purpose, which is to hire people who will make your business run seamlessly through the season, not add to your stress. 

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Published on Dec 20, 2018