How to Handle Employee Resignations Effectively

How to Handle Employee Resignations Effectively

People leave their jobs for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they feel the job is no longer a fit or are unhappy in their role. Other times, they have life changes that alter what they need from their careers or lifestyles. While it never feels good to have an employee resign from your organization, there are a few steps good leaders can take to make the most of it. Here are the measures to handle the resignation effectively and ensure that you keep that relationship positive for the future.

Be Genuinely Happy for Them

You must act on good terms if you want to leave on good terms. Show your genuine excitement for your employee's new opportunity, whatever that might be. Don't act jealous, intimidating, or suddenly cold. All of these things can negatively influence the relationship. Maintaining an excellent professional relationship benefits everyone in the end.

Set up an Exit Interview

Exit interviews are a great way to get additional feedback from your departing employee. Connect your employee to a neutral third party, such as another manager or the HR department, to schedule a conversation. They'll ask questions about the company culture and environment if any improvements can be made, or additional input to help your company succeed.

Make a Transition Plan

Once your employee puts in their notice, it's time to ensure that things continue to run smoothly. You can begin the hiring process and work with your current employee to pass on important information or training to the rest of the team. They can provide the knowledge they have that can be helpful to continued performance success.

Reiterate Your Interest in Continued Communication

When a good employee leaves, it's always worth continuing the professional relationship. This can leave the door open to a potential return if things change for your employee again. You want them to go with a good impression. They may even refer others to your company when they feel supported as they leave your organization.

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Published on: Apr 3, 2023