How to Create a Veteran-Friendly Workplace

How to Create a Veteran-Friendly Workplace

Honoring our Veterans is something we should do every day, not just one day in November. But it isn't just about thanking someone for their service; it's about creating a country where veterans have all the tools they need to succeed in our society after service. Here are several ways to make your workplace more friendly for veteran job seekers.

Volunteer with the Military Community

One of the most important things you can do to support the military community is to put action, or money, where your mouth is. Supporting veterans in your community must be a significant part of your business values. Volunteer your time or donate to military organizations that benefit those who've served.

Offer PTO and Flexible Work Schedules

When hiring veterans, ensure that you have a good policy for paid time off and the ability to offer flexible work schedules across the board. Like many of your other employees, your military veterans may have personal needs they'll have to attend to that are only available during work hours, such as appointments with the VA and counseling sessions. When creating PTO policies, you don't need to be intrusive, just inclusive.

Provide Mental Wellness Resources

A big challenge to the military community is the lack of access to resources for mental health. As an employer, you have the power to change this. Offering wellness programs or access to mental health resources will give your veteran employees the extra help they need. This will, in turn, let you see how they can become a valuable part of your team.

Offer Retraining Programs

Military members learn many specialized skills while in service, but how do those skills translate to the civilian world? Some veterans have skills that directly correlate with skills you need in your business. Others are transferable skills that can use additional training to ensure they have what they need to succeed.

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Published on: Apr 17, 2023