How to Build a Superior Leadership Team

How to Build a Superior Leadership Team

Your leadership team is the backbone of your organization. Anyone within the C-Suite should bring leadership skills to the table and their specific area of expertise. Are you currently trying to build and improve your leadership team? Here are a few things you should consider doing.

Be Intentional

There is no one-size-fits-all way to hire for your leadership team. Like a chess game, each piece has its strengths, and only when working in conjunction with the rest of the board can the entire team be successful. Hire a diverse group of leaders with different backgrounds and mindsets so that they can bring multiple viewpoints to the table.

Communicate Your Why

Without a solid collective vision, each member of your leadership team will feel untethered. You need something that ties everyone together, and that's your why. Why you do what you do on a corporate level is critical for understanding how each part of the team can work together to achieve your goals. Communicate this through vision and mission statements and encourage everyone to contribute to the end goal.

Make the Team the Top Priority

Good teamwork is about collaboration rather than competition. Create a culture that focuses on the team as a whole rather than individuals. When you allow each team member to have an agenda to push their values, you'll find a disconnect in the workplace. The navy approach to better teamwork is "Ship, Shipmates, Self" to give people a sense of priority.

Create Systems

Without a framework for success, it can be easy for your team to flounder. When you have a good team in place, you also need a structure to ensure that every piece of the puzzle is placed carefully and strategically. Address how decisions are made, outline policies across the board, work through goal setting and measure results.

Prioritize Development

Just because someone is on a leadership team doesn't mean they've reached their final form. Leaders, just like anyone else in the organization, need continued development. Focus on growing every day, hire new people who will challenge you and make you a better leader, be of service, and pursue leadership development outside of the organization. Teaching others can also help you continue to develop, so do keynote speeches, webinars, and other methods of educating others.

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Published on: Apr 21, 2022