Hiring Remote Employees? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hiring Remote Employees? Here’s What You Need to Know

There are many advantages to hiring remote workers – both for job candidates and for your company. Remote employees have been shown to be more productive, happier and less stressed than their office-bound peers. Plus, they demonstrate higher morale and in many cases, perform better.

Hiring remotely also makes your job easier, as you open your candidate field up to a more global basis and cut overhead expenses. Recent research numbers support this: A Stanford University study showed that employers could save as much as $2,000 per employee just by letting people work from home. Also, two out of five working adults surveyed said they would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant their employer would offer them more flexible time options.

How can you make remote hiring work for you?

Tailor your job posting to remote workers.

Craft job descriptions and postings that entice remote workers. Include links to your company website and articles that promote your employer brand.

  • Make it clear how remote employees will be paid. Is a position hourly or salaried? Include all the relevant details; otherwise, candidates may be wary or mistakenly think the job is commission only or a marketing scheme.
  • Emphasize the positives. Focus on exactly what remote workers want in a job. Try going to Glassdoor and typing in the position for which you are hiring. Search the location blank, click on a company in the left column, and then click on “Reviews.” Now, look for any complaints that come up consistently in the “Cons” section. Can you respond to these with a “Pro”?

Put candidates to the test.

Most remote jobs lend themselves well to a test of a typical workday a candidate would experience if hired. This test can be completed on an applicant’s own time, with their own equipment, wherever they are.

  • In order to attract the best candidates, you’ll have to pay them for this work. High-demand talent knows how valuable their time is, and they won’t be agreeable to doing a day’s work unpaid.
  • The results will give you a good, concrete idea of a candidate’s potential. Then, you can more easily narrow down the field.

Look for people who can stay focused.

A critical attribute that all remote employees must have is the ability to stay focused on their work.

  • Working without supervision naturally makes people more prone to distractions. Look for individuals who have been successful working remotely in the past. Ask them about their strategies for staying on task.

Conduct video interviews.

Use video interviews to connect with and really get a feel for a candidate’s passions, personality and potential cultural fit. If video interviewing isn’t feasible, consider having them record video answers to a list of questions you send them.

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Published on: Nov 13, 2018