High Turnover? Your Company Culture May be to Blame

High Turnover? Your Company Culture May be to Blame

Are you dealing with high internal turnover? Maybe your company culture is to blame. When taking a deep dive into your culture, you should consider some red flags. Here are the top four warning signs that your company culture is causing turnover in your organization.

Overworked and Overwhelmed

One of the most significant indicators of impending turnover is the feeling of being overworked and overwhelmed. If your employees have too much on their shoulders and are exhibiting signs of stress, it might be time to consider more alternatives than simply increasing the workload. Hiring additional help, even on a temporary basis, can help get things back on track.


It's believed that people don't quit jobs; they quit managers. If your employees feel like they can't do anything without their managers swooping in to do it their way, they may become frustrated and begin the process of checking out. Instead, trust that you hired your team because they're talented and competent and can accomplish the tasks given to them well and on time.

Poor Work/Life Balance

Because of the perceived power imbalance between employees and managers, it can be difficult for some people to set appropriate boundaries around work and life. That leads to people responding to calls and emails after their work hours. But managers sometimes take advantage of this by creating a culture where it's expected. Help your employees set healthy boundaries and lead by example.

Lack of Advancement

Suppose your company doesn't regularly allow for your employees to develop new skills and move into higher-level roles with more responsibilities and pay. In that case, you may be setting yourself up for high turnover. A lack of advancement is one of the many reasons good employees leave companies, so provide the opportunities they need.

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Published on: Feb 20, 2023