Give Your Company Culture a Boost Before the New Year

Give Your Company Culture a Boost Before the New Year

Every company has its own unique culture. Some are positive and productive, while others are downright toxic. And many are somewhere in the middle.

To improve and update your company culture, you must make it a priority. It doesn’t just happen on its own. Moreover, culture change needs to start at the top. When employees see their leaders actively promoting the right values, it quickly creates a ripple effect. Why not make this your business-boosting resolution for 2019?

Commit to a Shared Mission

One of the defining characteristics of a high-performing culture is a shared mission among every member of an organization.

  • Make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction to achieve the same thing. Culture goes way beyond successful revenue and sales. It represents something that gives your company and its people a larger purpose.
  • A sustainable positive culture is a combination of shared values and goals – and the effort put towards them. Make sure your mission and values are easy to understand, remember and embody. Design an employee incentive structure that supports them.

Build Teams

Updating your company culture requires a greater emphasis on strengthening teams throughout your organization. The best teams build empathy, incite creativity, and strengthen resilience.

  • It all comes back to a basic truism: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In a recent study, 86 percent of employees and executives cited lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. And 97 percent said they believed lack of alignment within teams negatively impacted the outcome of tasks and projects.
  • Make collaboration a cultural hallmark. In a collaborative environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decision-making and actions are better when done cooperatively.

Hire for Culture Fit

Hiring the right – or wrong – people can have a major impact on company culture. For a workplace culture to thrive, every team member has to believe in it and live it.

  • A candidate with great technical skills will require less on-the-job training, but a candidate with great cultural fit offers something extraordinary: The embodiment of your company’s values and the ability to naturally mesh with your team.
  • Start the process by interviewing for cultural fit. A candidate’s resume may provide a glimpse into whether their personality would align with your company culture, but you really need to meet a person before you can begin painting the total picture. Your interviews should be behavior-based and geared toward solidifying cultural fit, as well as reinforcing what you’d already predicted would be a match for hard skills and experience.
  • Be sure your hiring process is human and collaborative. Have top candidates meet with their prospective team members to see how they gel. Ensure there’s a mutual feeling of positivity and respect.

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Published on: Dec 17, 2018