Get Ready for the College Grads Coming to Your Business

Get Ready for the College Grads Coming to Your Business

Are you interested in hiring exemplary graduates from collegiate classes of 2019 to join your workforce?

Reality check: It may already be too late to land this spring’s college graduates. But you never know: There are probably still some who haven’t yet settled on a post-graduation employer. And, worst case, you can start planning your strategy now for those who will graduate in December or next year.

Go to the Head of the Class

Here are some tips for attracting the best of the best when hiring college graduates:

  • Go back to school. Not to take a class yourself, although that’s never a bad idea when it comes to career advancement. But as an employer, find ways to contribute to students’ educational experience while they’re still in school. As you do so, begin to develop relationships with them as potential future hires.
  • Interact with students in the classroom. Work with college faculties to have your subject matter experts become guest lecturers or instructors on local campuses. Then, engage students through course content that offers a view inside your organization and its culture.
  • Incorporate the latest technology into your recruiting strategy. College students may miss career fairs and other networking opportunities because they’re in class, prepping for finals or facing other deadlines and commitments. In addition to using recruitment and job search apps, reassure current and upcoming college graduates that by coming to work for you, they would have access to first-rate technology. Members of the class of 2019 expect modern tools and have an inborn self-empowered mindset. And it’s all based on having the latest tech at their fingertips.
  • Invite students to experience your organization firsthand. Develop internship and apprenticeship programs. Another option is to let students visit your site for a day and spend time shadowing employees. As opposed to simply giving them a hard sell via brochures and job fair pitches, let them decide if it’s the best fit for them, on their own.
  • Stay in touch with top prospects. Even if a student has already accepted a job offer, it doesn’t mean they’re permanently off the market. Be ready to step in, in the event their position fails to meet their expectations. Don’t be a stalker, but get their contact information. Then, check in periodically to see how things are going. Share any new opportunities that open up at your company. Keep them in the loop and let them know your door is still open.

Looking for college grads for your business?

When it comes to winning the talent war, you need to ABR: always be recruiting. This includes selling your company to today’s – and tomorrow’s – college graduates. For additional tips on perfecting your hiring strategy, read our related posts. Looking for a staffing agency in Irving, TX? Contact us today to learn more. To find the branch closest to you, click here.

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Published on: May 7, 2019