Effective Leadership Can Impact Employee Well-Being

Effective Leadership Can Impact Employee Well-Being

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and in honor of that, there is no better time to discuss the rise of conversations around mental health and what it looks like in the workplace. In 2023, the best leaders guide their teams in a way that supports their well-being. Here are several strategies to invest in your employees and support their mental health.

Create a Culture of Honest Feedback and Communication

The best way to respect the mental health of others in your workplace is to develop a culture of honest feedback and communication. Avoiding passive-aggressive commentary and taking a hard stance on bullying plays a significant role in allowing people to thrive. Even when criticism is provided, it should be done constructively with honesty and integrity.

Create a Space Where Employees Feel Comfortable Sharing Thoughts

Honest feedback is one side of the coin, and creating a space where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts is the other. Empower your employees to come to you with questions, concerns, or feedback. When employees feel afraid to approach management, simple problems can turn into large-scale issues that are difficult to resolve in the future.

Provide Support When Needed

While you must understand that you're not a mental health professional, there will be times when you can support your employees through a crisis. If someone needs additional time or resources, you're in a position to provide those things for them. Be willing and available to offer assistance when necessary to all your employees when they are experiencing stress or other challenges in the workplace.

Offer Mental Health Benefits

You also have the opportunity to create a more significant impact on your employees. More companies are offering mental health benefits as part of their team's standard compensation package or add-ons. Occasional perks such as a massage, meditation, or yoga can be a nice touch, but offering subscriptions to mental wellness apps or online therapy can stretch even further.

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Published on May 1, 2023