Closing the Skills Gap - Frontline Source Group

Closing the Skills Gap - Frontline Source Group

The skills gap is a math equation between the skills companies need to move forward and the number of qualified employees available. The skills gap has already impacted businesses all over the world. Skills gaps come in the form of hard skills, such as new technologies, and soft skills, including creativity and critical thinking. But how do employers change this dynamic? Here are a few ways to close your organization's skills gap.

Upskill Your Current Team

Your current employees are worth their weight in gold. If they're not entirely up to speed on the skills needed to succeed in your industry, it's time to take action to give them those tools. Maintaining your current roster of employees will be far more cost-effective than hiring new people who won't be familiar with your company culture or processes.

Hire the Next Generation

Having a mix of generations in your workplace is the best way to infuse new skills with your existing knowledge base. By hiring younger employees, you're opening your company to people who have been raised on new technologies and understand how to use them almost intuitively. As that knowledge exchange happens naturally between your older and newer employees, you create a positive culture of success.

Reengage Retired Employees

There is a current trend of many former employees considering a return to the workplace. As we face increased inflation, retired workers are considering returning to the workforce to earn extra income. Open the doors to your former workforce by offering part-time or flexible roles. They bring with them years of experience with your industry that can help diversify your skills base.

Outsource Your Hiring

Working with a recruiter can help you discover new talent with more skills. A staffing partner has an extended network; when you have a skills gap, they can search for candidates who match. It broadens your applicant pool, but your recruiter will only submit the most qualified candidates for consideration. It's a great way to hire more efficiently and effectively.

If you're struggling to close your business's skills gap on your own, let our team help!

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Published on Apr 24, 2023