Bill Kasko Named Staffing CEO of the Year 2018 CEO Awards

Bill Kasko Named Staffing CEO of the Year 2018 CEO Awards


Raising The Bar In Recruitment

Dallas, Nov 19, 2018 (  – For over a decade, Frontline Source Group has served as a valuable resource for businesses across the country, providing direct hire, temporary, and temp-to-hire staffing services to clients across a range of specialist industries. Having awarded CEO Bill Kasko Temporary Staffing CEO of the Year 2018 – USA in our Global CEO Awards for 2018 we invited him to tell us more about his role in driving the firm to success. Raising The Bar In recruitment Drawing on CEO Bill’s vast industry experience, Frontline Source Group has flourished since inception. The firm began when Bill spotted a gap in the market for targeted recruitment solutions for specialist sectors, as he discusses in his initial comments. “When I set out to create Frontline Source Group, I fully intended that it would be just me working from home. If you asked me fifteen years ago what the company would look like, I would not have imagined that it would grow the way that it did.  After just ten months of flying solo, I added my first employee to the company and the growth continued as we added to our team, one by one.

“After a few years in staffing, I knew it was my calling. Making one phone call to relay the news that a person was going to work and was officially on a new career path, I found it completely fulfilling. Unfortunately, the companies that brought me into the industry were
not run in a way where I could see myself staying happy. Even though I achieved great success in these organizations and earned high accolades, the view was only on money and not the people. I knew that if I could figure out a way to set up my own staffing firm, the view of seeing the person first and then the money would ultimately lead to great success and satisfaction in the work I was doing.”

Over the years Bill realized how he could change the industry for the better, as he explains in more detail. “As I started my actual journey in staffing, not actually in the industry, rather I worked as a contract employee at a large telecom organization, I learned what it meant to work as a temp/contract employee. To not have benefits, to feel like a dollar sign to the recruiter, and to have no real relationship with my actual employer. It was not a great feeling. The job did support my family and I’m so grateful for that, but I never felt a true sense of attachment to the agency and recruiter that placed me nor to
the organization where I was performing my job. I felt that if I had the opportunity to work on this side of the staffing that I would ensure that the candidate experience was a positive one.”

“When I finally determined that I was going to start a staffing firm when I came up with a name, and I developed a game plan, part of what came to play quickly was the four pillars of Frontline. I created the company to follow the four key concepts of H.E.R.E.: honesty, ethics, respect, and entrepreneurship. Work honestly and do things different and good things will come. Over time, we realized that the biggest key was communication, so now it follows C-HERE. Focusing on communication, our internal employees are aware of our goals, processes, and expectations. We talk about them daily so that everyone is working towards the same initiatives.”

“As I moved farther and farther away from this being a solo practitioner to a full-fledged team with multiple offices, one of the biggest challenges has been ensuring the consistency from one location to the next. We have developed a solid training program and work daily to ensure that processes from one desk to the next remain the same. We have high expectations for what it means on the service side of our business. We are grateful for each engagement that we have, and we want people to remember how they were treated throughout the process and that the candidates find a sense of relief as they are placed in the next step of their career.”

Since he first started Frontline Source Group, Bill has seen many changes in the recruitment industry, which will offer many exciting developments and challenges for his firm, as he concludes. “Today, the recruitment industry is an exciting and challenging place to be. With the lowest unemployment in over 50 years, we are facing challenges in helping our clients identify their top needs and recruiting the right employees for those roles. It is a huge swing from what we saw in the Great Recession. There will always be a demand on one side of the table and right now, candidates have the upper hand. Everyone is having the same difficulties of finding top talent, so we are becoming more creative in how we handle the process. Despite changes with AI, new platforms, new technologies, there will always be a need for a recruiter to truly talk to the job seeker and sell a position. All we can do is continue to have conversations, build relationships and help match the right talent with the right opportunities. Our industry will continue to evolve but it is not going anywhere, and Frontline Source Group will continue to be a pioneer in this exciting space over the years ahead.”

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Published on: Nov 19, 2018