Are Your Top Employees Looking for Opportunities Elsewhere?

Are Your Top Employees Looking for Opportunities Elsewhere?

It’s unrealistic to think all your best employees will stay with you throughout their careers. Most people change jobs at some point – especially younger workers. But it’s still disheartening to learn, or even suspect, that something like this may be happening. Here are four signs to watch for – and what to do when the time comes:

  1. Find out why they’re dissatisfied.

If an employee is looking for work somewhere else, they obviously aren’t fulfilled or satisfied where they are. You may not be able to stop them, but you can prevent others from following suit. This is especially critical if the employee looking for another job is well liked and influential among their peers. You don’t want a ripple effect to occur – because it will be more like a tsunami if other high-performing employees begin to hand in their resignation letters.

  1. Make improvements in your workplace as a result.

Practice continuous improvement with the goal of making yours the best company culture and workplace environment possible. This will help you attract high-performing employees and keep top talent under your roof.

  1. Focus on their success.

In your role as an employer, it’s about helping your employees grow and achieve their goals. When you sense an employee is looking for another job, reach out to them and ask them how you can help them attain career satisfaction. Hopefully, you can find a solution that keeps them at your company. But regardless of the final outcome, be professional and supportive. Even if your superstar employee quits, chances are you’ll still want to remain a colleague, and possibly even a friend.

  1. Create – and if necessary, implement – a contingency plan.

Most people who are considering another job already have their minds made up. While some retention efforts may be successful, the smartest move you can make is to start searching for the resources you’ll need to fill the gap if and when an employee quits. Your solution may be hiring a temporary employee, bringing a freelancer on board, or targeting someone you can promote from within.

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Published on: Feb 1, 2019