Are You Feeling Burnt Out by the Holidays? Tips to Perk Up!

Are You Feeling Burnt Out by the Holidays? Tips to Perk Up!

Burnout happens when people – maybe even your own employees – have completely spent their physical, intellectual and emotional energy. At the same time, they still feel pushed by themselves, their loved ones, their managers or others to give more. It can strike at any time, but it’s especially rampant during the holiday season. An increase in personal obligations leaves people working at full speed, but with much less down time than they have the rest of the year.

  • Employee burnout is a major morale killer. It spreads like wildfire, bringing down others who work with affected colleagues. It’s critical to prevent or stop burnout and keep the season as merry, bright and productive as possible for everyone.

Take Care of Your Team

Here are some tips to maintain a workplace where things are getting done, without employees burning out between now and December 31:

  • Reduce workloads. This may sound counterproductive to keeping performance levels high, but employers with the most engaged workforces are those who acknowledge the fact that their staff members are people first and employees second. Any way you can shorten to-do lists will be a welcome gesture for those who already feel stretched too thin. Postpone anything that’s non-essential, so employees can focus on the most important projects and deadlines during December.
  • Provide more flexibility. Work/life balance is important 12 months a year, but never more so than during the holiday season. Perhaps this month, you can implement more flexibility and set a pattern that, with tweaking as needed, will work on a regular basis. Regardless of the season, employees who can work from home, choose their own hours when practical, or take a few hours off without penalty often show higher levels of engagement and productivity.

More Holiday Stress Management Tips

Holiday burnout stems from feeling overwhelmed by the extra demands associated with the season. Overloaded schedules, combined with the demands of shopping, gift wrapping, entertaining and other traditions can evoke panic in even the most organized, “chill” people.

  • Family and other interpersonal conflicts tend to surface during the holiday season, due both to individual differences and expectations and heightened overall stress levels.
  • If a person is dealing with grief or loss, such as a recent death, divorce or job loss, stress only multiplies.

Formulate an effective stress management strategy to help you and your team members stop the charging burnout train in its tracks.

  • Keep things in perspective. The holiday season is just a small portion of the year. It doesn’t have to be the most important or meaningful time. Only you can decide that. Plus, you’re not alone; more people than you think feel exactly the same way.
  • Let go of preconceived notions. Banish stereotypical ideas of what the holiday season should be. This can be difficult, but it’s also very liberating. Separate the traditions you truly enjoy from those you do out of obligation. Maybe even consider doing something totally different to celebrate a holiday this year.

Take good care of yourself, your team and your company during this busy holiday season.

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Published on: Dec 27, 2018