6 Tips for Writing Compelling Job Descriptions in 2022

6 Tips for Writing Compelling Job Descriptions in 2022

In a candidate-driven market, it's imperative to create job descriptions that attract top talent. As people are shuffling in The Great Resignation, you need to develop a hiring experience that increases excitement and brings the best candidates to your door. In times like these, it's crucial to write job descriptions so compelling that top talent will have no choice but to apply. Let's take a closer look.

Write a Stand Out Introduction

The first part of your job description should be an introduction to your company brand. This intro is what will entice someone to continue reading because they'll know the kind of job and environment and are willing to look at the more detailed information.

Make it Candidate Focused

Far too often, job descriptions are company-focused. They rely heavily on providing the facts about the open position, including qualifications and duties, that it doesn't give the candidate any information about what the candidate should expect.

Describe Your Culture and Mission

You want to hire team members who share your vision and passion. By describing your company culture and mission statement, you are more likely to attract like-minded individuals who would be a good fit with your organization.

Don't Get Overly Creative with Job Titles

Sometimes companies think that getting creative shows their fun side, but it can be a problem for job seekers. When you create a job title that includes terms like "guru" or "rock star," you're not giving enough factual information to allow someone to see if they're qualified.

Add Multimedia

Images and videos will attract more eyes than just text alone. You can provide a branding video that shows what your company is like behind the scenes. Or have a video introduction of the hiring manager to explain the process. These will help humanize the position and encourage applicants.

Eliminate Biased Language

It's also essential to eliminate language that keeps qualified people from applying. We often use discriminatory language without realizing it. Avoid gendered language and don't create barriers to employment that only an elite few have access to.

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Published on May 18, 2022