5 LinkedIn Tips to Help You Find Great Candidates

5 LinkedIn Tips to Help You Find Great Candidates

When recruiting for top talent, don’t forego job boards altogether – but by no means should you limit yourself or even focus the main thrust of your efforts in this direction. There are other, far more effective tools, foremost among which remains LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn’s 467 million members comprise 148 different countries and include more than 100,000 recruiters. And guess how many Fortune 500 companies belong to LinkedIn? The answer: All of them.

LinkedIn offers these tips and resources to help you find great job candidates.


  1. Develop and Expand Your Personal Network

As noted by social media strategist and author Scott Allen, “By building authentic relationships, virtually as well as face-to-face, people will actually make referrals – taking time to think of possible candidates in response to your query, or even proactively referring people to you when they hear of a need.”

  • This only works if people already have a strong enough connection to you. Via LinkedIn, stay in touch with current and former colleagues. These should include people with whom you have successfully worked in the past. They could become your next great employees.


  1. Actively Search for Candidates Using Keywords

Check candidates’ LinkedIn profiles for keywords that match your job requirements and qualifications. You can find active and more elusive, yet often highly valuable, passive prospects by taking this approach.

  • Develop a keyword-rich company LinkedIn profile. As you use keywords to search candidates, they use the same strategy when considering potential employers.


  1. Utilize Inmail

Use Inmail, your internal inbox on LinkedIn, to request assistance from your network and other selected professionals to find candidates. In addition, candidates can use Inmail to reach out to you.


  1. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn group participants often share the interests, memberships, specializations, backgrounds and experience you’re seeking in a potential hire. And, group members may know of colleagues and other contacts who fit your desired candidate profile.

  • The LinkedIn Groups Directory lists Featured Groups, as well as a full alphabetical group roster.


  1. Stay Active on LinkedIn

You can use LinkedIn in myriad ways to enhance your recruitment and business success. In addition to networking, joining groups and using Inmail, you can go a step further and purchase advertising to promote your company and your talent management goals. The key is staying active on the site on a regular, ongoing basis.

  • As an added benefit, LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to build business credibility. Request recommendations from satisfied employees and customers. LinkedIn provides numerous possibilities for building your referral and knowledge base, as well as heightening your credibility and exposure to your products and services.

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Published on Sep 20, 2018