5 Leadership Tips That Can Help Reduce Unnecessary Turnover

5 Leadership Tips That Can Help Reduce Unnecessary Turnover

Is your company experiencing unnecessary turnover? Are you concerned about the number of people putting in their notice? What if we told you there were a few things leadership can do to help keep employees more engaged and excited about working within your organization? Here are our recommendations for keeping your team happy.

Hire Extra Help

If your team is burned out based on their workload, now is the perfect time to consider bringing in additional assistance. You can hire permanent employees to fill skills gaps or bring on temporary team members to help with workflow issues or overflow production to give your current staff more support.

Lead by Example

Setting boundaries around work/life balance is critical to eliminating burnout, but if your team sees you staying late or not taking time off, they won't be willing to do that on their own. You have to lead by example to ensure everyone feels comfortable setting their own boundaries and taking their PTO without feeling like there will be retribution.

Listen to Employee Feedback

Another way to help alleviate stress and prevent burnout is to simply listen more. Employee feedback isn't just about giving your employees a platform; it's a method to determine what you can do to improve their job. When they provide feedback, discuss potential action items and then make changes to improve employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

Focus on Company Culture

Company culture isn't just an HR buzzword. It's about optimizing your current employee experience and ensuring that people are engaged in the workplace and not just going through the motions. Your company culture is made up of your core values, your environment, the resources you provide to your staff, and the employee experience.

Offer Training and Development

Another reason for overall employee dissatisfaction is the feeling that they've become stuck in their careers. Without any advancement options, employees will begin to look elsewhere to find the next opportunity. Instead, use upskilling to train and develop your top talent, so they advance within your company and feel appreciated and necessary.

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Published on: Dec 8, 2022