5 Effective Leadership Strategies for Managing Remote Teams

5 Effective Leadership Strategies for Managing Remote Teams

Are you currently managing a remote team? There are a lot of moving parts and challenges when managing a dispersed team. In this post, we want to summarize the five effective leadership strategies to help you get the most out of your work-from-home team. Let's take a closer look.

Get Individual Employee Feedback

When you're in the office, it can be easier to get regular employee feedback. Even if that feedback isn't direct, you can observe your team and make assessments to help you adjust your management style. When you're remote, that luxury isn't available. Instead, you need to solicit feedback actively. Reach out to your employees for one-on-ones to see where they are and find out what they need.

Track Progress without Micromanaging

One of the most prominent challenges managers see with remote work is the inability to track progress without seeing the employee work. There needs to be a lot more trust in a remote environment. Some managers fall back on old micromanagement habits, such as insisting that employees let them know whenever they're away from their desks. This can cause resentment. Instead, track deliverables rather than the hours worked.

Provide Avenues for the Team to Connect

The social benefits of an office are undeniable. Even when working from home, your team needs a way to connect to the people they work with to ensure they have common ground and communicate effectively. Provide ways for your team to have that camaraderie with a channel set up through your communication software just for employees to chat.

Give Your Team the Best Available Tools

At the beginning of the pandemic, when we had to rush to get people home safely, many employees were thrown into work from home without all the right tools. Now that we've had time to perfect the process, companies should provide software and hardware for team members to use in their home offices. Make sure you have an excellent collaborative platform to facilitate the work.

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Published on: Aug 1, 2022