How to Transform a Company Into One Talent Competes to Work For

How to Transform a Company Into One Talent Competes to Work For

It is no surprise to many that businesses everywhere struggle to attract the talent they need. The Great Resignation has led to more job openings than job seekers. The market is competitive, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Here are three steps you should consider taking if you're ready to transform your company into one where talent competes to work.

Offer Competitive Pay, Benefits, and PTO Packages

Before offering additional perks, you need to ensure your base compensation package is competitive in today's marketplace. Make sure you're paying industry standards or above for all positions. Review your benefits to provide the best possible options for employees with various needs. And make sure you're providing good paid time off and enforcing the use of vacation and sick time.

Provide Opportunities for Continued Education

With the student debt crisis looming over many workers, companies can make a real difference by providing opportunities. Offering access to continued education or programs for tuition reimbursement is a strong draw for many talented candidates. This is especially true if you work in an industry where specific education is highly sought.

Offer Clear Paths to Career Growth and Development

Professional development is also at the top of the list for many workers. They want to know that a company will invest in them as an asset and provide pathways to grow within the organization. Without this, you may lose employees after what seems like too short a time because they seek advancement through other sources.

Provide Flexible, Hybrid, or Remote Work

Today's most significant factor for many employees is the accessibility of remote work. Many employees are leaving companies because of expectations about returning to the office. Great talent is available who are willing to work with companies that offer exclusively remote work. If that is not possible, consider a hybrid schedule or provide flex hours to increase work/life balance.

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Published on Jul 25, 2022