2023 is Here! What Staffing Trends Can We Expect?

2023 is Here! What Staffing Trends Can We Expect?

It's a New Year, which means a clean slate and a new start for your hiring process. So what staffing trends can we expect this year? With many things still carrying over from changes we made during the pandemic, some things are now shifting to a new normal. Here are some of the things we should see in 2023. 

Continued Work-From-Home 

Despite mandates from some very public figures, work from home isn't going away soon. The pandemic showed that remote workers are as effective, if not more, than their in-office counterparts. It's also an essential perk for many employees, and if your company doesn't offer it, they will look for a job that does. 

Employee Retention through Upskilling

The Great Resignation is not over. Job seekers will still have the upper hand as we move into 2023, so it's essential to keep your current team engaged and effective. Consider offering opportunities to reskill or upskill in your organization. Teach your team things to help them grow and keep them excited about your organization. 

Automated Recruitment 

We've seen a very public embracing of AI technology, but recruitment has been using it for a while. Applicant tracking software helps streamline the job of sourcing and screening candidates by using AI to filter results. More companies will rely on AI-assisted recruitment tools, which can reduce the time-to-hire and the need to complete repeatable administrative tasks. 

Generation Z

As Millennials reach their 40s, a new cohort appears on the scene. Generation Z is the latest wave of entry-level employees fresh out of school to take on new opportunities. Knowing what Gen Z wants in an employer and a career is essential. They're not afraid to try new things, job hop, or express their opinion. They want things to be virtual and fast-paced. 

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Published on: Jan 2, 2023